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Combined with the relationship between the epidemic, KINJO's solo show "OVER THE BRIDGE" in addition to the exhibition space works, we also have a special online VR exhibition to provide a home that cannot be given to a visiting person, so you can see more information from far and wide.

The exhibition featuring the artist's most well-known "One’s Eyes" and "Big Cereal" series, breakthrough the previous creative mode, combined with brand logos and canvas collages to a single work, and now his works become more identifiable.

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Because of the epidemic, KINJO's solo show "OVER THE BRIDGE" in addition to the physical exhibition space works, we also provide an special experience by holding online VR exhibition to audience, so you can watch more from far and wide.

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The first overseas solo exhibition of Japanese artist KINJO at Gin Huang Gallery. The idea《OVER THE BRIDGE》based on the exhibitionUNDER THE BRIDGEin Tokyo. The artist's studio located between the city and the suburbs of Tokyo. Even if it is not far from the city center, it must cross a bridge to reach where it is, so the whole idea focus on "crossing" and "get through". The exhibition present the artist's most well-known "One’s Eyes" and "Big Cereal" series, surmount previous creative method, combine with brand logos and canvas collages to work, KINJO also present the “Big Cereal Box” as an exclusive serie of Gin Huang Gallery, and now his works become more identifiable.

More than 80% of the way humans receive information from the external world with visual, because ot eyes are considered the most important and most direct aesthesia. People connect with each other and learn new things through what they see then make opinions. However, What are we analyzing about? Only an appearance or also reality? “One’s Eyes” is the earliest serie that start to develop, he felt that the relationship between people start with peeking and observing then making corresponding actions without knowing each other at all, just like we are groping each other in a dark space. He combines individual experience with inner emotions, trying to express that everyone worries about how others see themselves, thus start getting used to hide their real selves. Nevertheless, when you explore and understand deeplier, what you realize will be completely different things.

The artist is good at social observation. He believes the mold of learning and receiving information through the Internet has become globalized, he also notices product packaging, advertising design, billboard, and logo were glut with our daily life, and far exceeds opportunities to visit art exhibitions. Thereby he ask questions to himself, “Isn't Cereal packaging also a kind of ART's presentation? a rare western product packaging in childhood memory appear in exhibition, what a thought! then develop the serie--- “cereal packaging”. KINJO attempts to re-examine the relationship between prints, paintings, design and art in modern society.

Due to the COVID-19, the exhibition adopts enquiry form and online viewing, which our virtual space will able to access soon. Follow the links below if you would like to receive an available list, which will be released via email after the form closed, and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Link of enquiry form:

「田奈藝術Gin Huang Gallery 」ではこのたび、アーティストKINJOの海外初の個展を開催いたします。《OVER THE BRIDGE》とタイトルづけられたこの展示には東京の展覧会UNDER THE BRIDGEからの発想でした。又、アーティストのスタジオは都会と郊外の境目にあり、都心からそこまで離れていませんが荒川の橋を渡らないと中心街には行けないので、その「越える」「飛び越える」というイメージの延長で、今回台湾にて初海外個展を開催いたします。この度の個展では、KINJOの名作“One’s Eyes”、“Big Cereal” シリーズはもちろん、過去の創作スタイルから脱出し、作品にブランドのロゴと帆布のコラージュを加えた上、KINJOが今回の個展のためにGin Huang Gallery専属の“Big Cereal Box” コーンフレークのパケージのシリーズを製作しました。そのため、彼の作品のブランドアイデンティティーがさらにはっきりしてきました。

人間は作品の鑑賞、情報を受け取る道の割合につきましては、約80%が視覚からだと言われています。視覚は五感の中では一番大切で、最も直接な感知だと思われます。人々は目を使い、人、事、物を見て判断を行います。ですが、私達分析してきたのは一体物事の表面?それともその裏に隠している正体でしょうか?“One’s Eyes”はKINJO初期の作品です。彼は人と人の関係作りというのは相手のことが全く分からない状況で、相手を観察し、それに順応する行動をすると気づきました。それが真っ暗闇でお互いのことわかり合おうとしているようです。KINJOは自分の感情的な経験と内なる気持ちを結びつけ、人の目が気になる時期って誰でもあって、その時期に自分の本当の姿を隠しがちです。ですが、探って、深く理解しようとすると、全く違う風景が見えてくるはずです。KINJOの作品みたいに、色がない表の裏にはいつもカラフル、そして、静かに自分の色味を滲み出しています。


新型コロナウイルスの感染拡大防止に伴う「田奈藝術Gin Huang Gallery 」の対応につきましては、この度の個展はオンラインで作品鑑賞も提供しておりますのでおうちで作品をご堪能くださいませ。

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