Val : THE STORYTELLER|French Artist Val Solo Show


Val : THE STORYTELLER | French Artist Val Solo Show

Gin Huang Gallery is honored to announce the exhibition of works by French artist Val. Val is a high-profile French artist known for her unique creative style and profound artistic touch.

The theme of this exhibition is "The Storyteller", which presents Val's identity as a storyteller. Through her artistic works, she leads the audience into a world full of imagination and emotion. Each work is the beginning of a story, and viewers are free to explore its plot and meaning.

Val's work often takes the form of detailed, expressive sculptures that demonstrate her deep understanding of human emotions and life stories. Her artwork often conveys a soulful narrative style through delicate lines and warm earthy colors, as well as unique compositions and forms.

“The Storyteller” exhibition will showcase Val’s sculpture series that are most attractive to collectors, including glass sculptures and mixed media works. These works will take viewers through time and space, exploring the complexity of human emotions and the meaning of life. During the exhibition, we will also show a series of documentaries to give the audience a deeper understanding of Val’s artistic creation process and ideas.

We sincerely invite you to visit Gin Huang Gallery, experience Val’s artistic world with us, and once again experience her unique charm as a storyteller. This will be an unforgettable art journey, let us immerse ourselves in Val's story and feel the power and magic of art.

VIP Preview

2023. 12. 28(Thu.)

Exhibition Open

2024. 1. 1(Mon.)- 2024. 2. 28(Wed.)




(Artwork Size:L29 x H37 x D10 cm)


Bronze & Glass

Ombre rouge 紅運當頭 / L26.5xH29.5xD16 cm / Original glass, bronze, iron and light sculpture

Artwork Size:L27 x H30 x D16 cm)

Ombre Rouge

Bronze, Glass & Light

Vertical Utopia 垂直的烏托邦
 / Glass, Iron, Bronze & Light 玻璃、鐵、青銅及燈光 / L36 x H49 x D36 cm

Artwork Size:L36 x H49 x D36 cm)

Vertical Utopia

Glass, Iron, Bronze & Light

Evolution / L34xH153xD28 cm / Original glass, bronze and lights sculpt

Artwork Size:L34 x H153 x D28 cm)


Glass, Iron, Bronze & Light

Artist Info


Val (1967-2016, France)

Val lived her youth and adolescence shuttling between South America, Africa, Europe and France where she was born. Being member of the human community is essential for this 49-year-old artist more than the precedence over any specific nationality.

Val first made a name for herself in April 2004, at a joint exhibition in Bangkok. Since then, her works have been on permanent display in Bangkok, then Hong Kong in 2006. Singapore and France followed in 2008 and then China and Taiwan in 2009. After several solo exhibitions in these countries in 2010 together with her noticed participation at the Shanghai Art Fair 2010 and at the Jing’An International Sculpture Project with the presentation of Urban Life monumental piece of art, Val has now become a renowned sculptor in Asia and in Europe as well.

Over the past three years, she been commissioned to perform many monumental projects for public and private places, such as Central Academy of Fine Arts, Inle balance III and Urban gathering at the hotel Sofitel Bangkok, an enlargement of Theatre of joy for a prestigious real estate project in Java, Theatre of life for the University of Shangtao in China and a collection of bronzes for the Arch & Art museum in Taichung. In 2016 she also installed three sculptures made of concrete, bronze and coral in an underwater site in Koh Tao island in Thailand, the first artistic and ecological project of its kind. In the same year, a 36-meter-long landscape art work (From Chaos to Wisdom) overlooking Taichung City on Bagua Mountain in Taiwan and is collected by an important private collector.

The proximity with the foundry in Thailand has proved to be the fertile soil that has nourished her new-found freedom. To work on her sculptures that are more and more monumental and meet her international success, Val has designed her new sculpture studio in Bangkok, surrounded by her own team to assist her in her achievements. This rebirth of enthusiasm has enabled to find fulfillment in total peace and serenity. Here, everything seems to be predestined. She only needs to follow the guidance of life and listen to the call of her heart until time stops.

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