11th Commandment - Igor Dobrowolski spring solo show

Mar. 22. 2023

Igor solo show 2023

Gin Huang Gallery is proud to announce a new spring solo show:

Poland artist Igor Dobrowolski held his spring solo show

“11 Commandment” in Asia at Gin Huang Gallery

Due to the limited works available for Private collection,

please call us directly to book "VIP preview" visit time.

🔴 Preview View:2023.3.28 - 3.31

🔴 General Opening:2023.4.28 - 5.28

🔴 Venue:Gin Huang Gallery(Taichung)

No. 23, Ln. 106, Siwei Rd., Dingliao Vil., Wuqi Dist., Taichung City 43542, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 

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Igor solo show 2023

Igor solo show 2023

Polish artist Igor Dobrowolski's solo exhibition has finally arrived in Taiwan, offering a unique collection of artworks that showcase his exceptional talent and creative vision. The exhibition features Igor's captivating sculptures, which explore a wide variety of themes and subjects, this time he brought a new sculpture creation, from poetry lines and symbols from abstract concept to intricate geometric patterns and vibrant colors. His masterful use of color and texture creates a sense of depth and emotion, evoking a range of feelings in viewers. This exhibition promises to be a stunning visual journey that will leave visitors enchanted by Dobrowolski's artistry and inspired by his creativity.

A person’s relationship with art is highly personal. It could start from a young age or it would blossom as we grow older. For Polish artist Igor Dobrowolski, it was the latter and he didn’t officially kick-off his journey as an artist until 2014 but had dabbled with painting from a young age. He thought it was his calling. Perhaps it is the desire to use his gift for the greater good or maybe his artworks are able to subconsciously connect with his viewers, the results are evident.

To Igor, his family are the ones closest to him and each impacts different lessons to him, then there are also others like author Noam Chomsky, political scientist Norman Finkelstein and journalist Chris Hedges. These people are great professionals in their fields but they all have a great heart on many levels. Igor Dobrowolski turns to yoga and meditation to alleviate stress and to find inspiration. He says doing meditation allows him to “look at [his] thoughts and to find a space in [his] head”. Similarly, yoga helps to “releases all sorts of traumas and heavy emotions that are stored in the body much better than any medicine we know”.

Igor's latest three-dimensional sculptures manage to convey a range of abstract emotions, including sensitivity, elegance and maturity. The larger golden sculptures appear to depict two connected but separate entities. Although Igor leaves it up to the viewer to interpret freely, the sculptures give the impression that two people -- or perhaps two halves of themselves -- are constantly and fluidly talking to each other.

'It is very important for me to include, in all of my works a particle of hope, because I believe it's going to be 'better.' Even after the greatest tragedies.'

- Igor Dobrowolski

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Igor solo show 2023

Exhibition Info|11 Commandment

Mar 28  - May 28  2023 ( If need to visit please make an appointment )

Gin Huang Gallery | +886 4-2657-9858

No. 23, Ln. 106, Siwei Rd., Dingliao Vil., Wuqi Dist., Taichung City 43542, Taiwan( Close to MITSUI OUTLET PARK )




Igor Dobrowolski