Loes van Delft Asia Premiere ''Happy Vibes'' - Taipei

Sep. 3. 2022

Loes van Delft Happy Vibes

“ Happy Vibes “

Loes van Delft

Loes van Delft, the Dutch artist known for her humorous and vibrant artworks, is excited to announce her solo exhibition "Happy Vibes" at the Gin Huang Gallery in Taiwan. The exhibition will present new works featuring playful characters and bold colors capture the artist's signature style.

Loes's artwork reflect her carefree and positive life style. Through her art, she hopes to spread joyful feeling and inspire others to gather their self-love. Her characters are often depict various poses, like playing musical instruments or engaging fun activities. Loes use bright, bold colors to symbolizes her optimistic and cheerful view of the world.

Audience who attends "Happy Vibes" exhibition will have the chance to immerse themselves in Loes's magical and joyful world. Through her paintings and art installations, Loes will invite viewers to loose themselves and embrace the humorous and wonder of life.

This exhibition is the first time Loes's work will be displayed in Taiwan, and her vibrant and playful style is sure to be a hit among art enthusiasts. In a world that can often be stressful and overwhelming, Loes's art is a reminder to find joy in simple things and cherish positive moments in life.

The "Happy Vibes" exhibition holds from September 28th to October 18th , 2022, at the Gin Huang Gallery in Taipei. Whether you're a fan of contemporary art or simply looking for an inspiration, this exhibition definitely be on expectation list.

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