Joe Iurato Asia Premiere - THE STORY GOES

May. 31. 2022

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Gin Huang Gallery is proud to announce a new solo show:

American artist Joe IURATO held his first solo show “THE STORY GOES” in Asia at Gin Huang Gallery, specially designed VIP cards for Asian collectors. The VIP who received this card represents that you are one of Gin Huang Gallery’s important collectors.

As part of the works in this solo show are collected by the museum, there are limited works available for private collection. Collectors who have received VIP cards please call us directly to book "VIP preview" visit time.

🔴 VIP Preview:2022/6/24

🔴 Date:2022/6/25 - 7/22

🔴 Venue:Gin Huang Gallery(Taichung)

No. 23, Ln. 106, Siwei Rd., Dingliao Vil., Wuqi Dist., Taichung City 43542, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

< Because of the epidemic, all reservations need to make an appointment >

VIP service call:

+886 4-2657-9858(Mrs. Wang)

+886 2-2285-1858(Mrs. Huang)

Joe Iurato (New Spring)

Joe Iurato who have been selected in top 50 street artist in the world by french media, he will have his first exhibition "The Story Goes" in Asia on June 25 at GIN HUANG Gallery in Taichung.

‘The Story Goes’ generally refers to an expression used for tales that have been told by many people over time, though they could be rumors or legends only believed to be true. Like Joe Iurato’s creation, when the viewer resonates with his work, the story is no longer just a story, but a real connection.

The exhibition aims to capture the imagination, curiosity and mischief of youth, that is, to collect reflections on moments and memories from childhood. Joe present his artwork in a easy-understanding way that moved viewer’s inner childlike heart and makes you smile when the first sight. As Joe said “If I were to search for a deeper meaning, I’d only be taking away from the honesty and innocence of each piece. That’s what we tend to do as adults. And I’m trying to unlearn a little bit. ”

Joe Iurato have always been drawn to black and white imagery since he was young, artworks presented in grayscale, accompanied accumulation of creation, it set the tone for his style at the same time. To Joe, presenting in black and white like capturing moments and memories, and freezing them in time, and he added color in particular part only when he feel it makes sense, and can contribute something to the story. Some pieces are remixes of some of his favorite street murals or installations from the past 10 years. Stenciling itself is a form of replication, a hands-on printing process that allows for multiple variations of an image, and Joe reimagined them one more time. They’re both a look back and a look forward. Every work from Joe's studio is created solely by himself; hand scrolled wooden cutouts, painted and assembled.

New Jersey street artist Joe Iurato is known for using the site-specific placement of his work to form a narrative window with its surroundings, while also manipulating our perception of scale and dimensionality. Joe has exhibited at Art Basel in Miami for several years and he has also worked on projects with major brands such as the NFL, the NBA, GQ Magazine, Adidas, ESPN, and Paramount Pictures. And he almost only produces large installation for the public space of art museums,  thence small pieces appear to be quite rare. The solo show 'The Story Goes' presents his original wooden and canvas works, also bringing limited number of hand-finished editions and photography works.

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Exhibition Info|THE STORY GOES

June, 25  - July, 22. 2022 ( If need to visit please make an appointment )

Gin Huang Gallery | +886 4-2657-9858

No. 23, Ln. 106, Siwei Rd., Dingliao Vil., Wuqi Dist., Taichung City 43542, Taiwan( Close to MITSUI OUTLET PARK )



Joe Iurato