INSIDER / Private World of Collectors

2023. 6. 8- 8. 28


Private World of Collectors

2023. 6. 8- 8. 28


Takeru Amano

Tomoko Nagai

Kiriko Iida

Yuichi Hirako

Satoshi Saitoh


Kenzo Taruishi

Teppei Ikehila

Daniel Sueiras Fanjul

Moises Yagues

Jon Burgerman

Gin Huang Gallery is proud to announce an upcoming international artist exhibition, featuring works of several talented artists from around the world, privately offered by important collectors. Opening on June 8, 2023, the exhibition will reveal the work of  Takeru Amano, Tomoko Nagai, Kiriko Iida, Yuichi Hirako, Satoshi Saitoh, KINJO, Shiorichan, Kenzo Taruishi, Teppei Ikehila, Daniel Sueiras Fanjul, Moises Yagues and Jon Burgerman. Over the world from Japan, Spain, and the UK, each artist offers a unique artistic perspective, with genres ranging from traditional Japanese folklore to abstract surrealist imaginings. This highly anticipated exhibition will be a fascinating compliation of works that demonstrates how varied contemporary art can be. Who knows what each artist will bring out to everyone next year!

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INSIDER /Private World of Collectors

The Gin Huang Gallery team is very pleasure to present you with a unique collection exhibition. Let’s listen to collectors' collection experience and sort out our perspective on contemporary art collection:

“ As a contemporary art collector, I have had the pleasure of curating a diverse collection of modern artworks that reflect my interest in contemporary art and my appreciation of the artistic creative process. My collection consists of works by both established and emerging artists, ranging from paintings and sculptures to mixed media and installations. Each piece in my collection is carefully selected, only being added if it speaks to me on an emotional aspect or challenges me intellectually.

One of the aspects I love about contemporary art is that it's evolving continuing, which means that there is always something new to discover. I’m always excited to attend galleries' fairs and art fairs to see the latest works and to connect with artists directly. This helps me understand their thought and make me admire their works with appreciation. In my opinion, the enchantment of contemporary art depend on it can break the boundaries and challenge the specification of society, it’s an envolving thought, disengage from traditional, accepting innovation and exploring new angle of view. Contemporary art can be a strong power to lead a meaningful conversation and society revolution.

I strongly believe that having contemporary art collection speaks volumes of personality and values of a collector. For me, my collection represents my curiosity, creativity, and willingness to take risks. As a contemporary art collector, it is important to me to share my love for art with others. I regularly open my home to visitors so they can experience the works in person and start their own journey of exploring contemporary art.

In conclusion, my contemporary art collection is more than just a display of beautiful objects. It is a manifestation of my passion for creativity, innovation, and society revolution, and presence as a reminder that there are always new perspectives to explore.




Yuichi Hirako