Dutch artist - Loes van Delft|''Happy Vibes'' Asia Premiere in Taichung

Sep. 13. 2022


“ Happy Vibes “

Loes van Delft

Asia Premiere in Taichung

Loes van Delft officially arrived at Taichung for her Asia solo exhibition from Sep 16 to Oct 7!

The solo exhibition will bring up the latest creation of Loes. Moreover, it will also display the co-branded sculpture “KAKKIE '' with APPortfolio.

In addition, the series of co-branded merchandise with the world’s three major accessories brands - CASETiFY will also debut at the solo exhibition.

🔴 Limited Exhibition Surprises only at Taichung Station

🌟"Casetify X LOES" merchandise raffle! Each week, there are three lucky star will be available for free with Casetify co-branded merchandise, including, iPhone series mobile phone case, iPad series protective case, AirPods series protective case, MacBook series protective case and Samsung series mobile phone case.

🌟Happy Vibes in Taichung station  provides a special discount code for Casetify! Scan the code at the event and get the 15% discount code. It will officially launch in November!

🌟During the exhibition, take a photo in the designated area, and share it on Facebook or Instagram to get "Limited LOES Special Gift" ! (quantity is limited, no more)


          🔴 All visits to Taichung Station are by appointment,

          Please click on me to complete the appointment

          🔴 Exhibition period|From Sep 16 to Oct 7

          🔴 Exhibition place|GIn Huang Gallery

          (No. 23, Ln. 106, Siwei Rd., Wuqi Dist., Taichung City 435, Taiwan)

          Happy Vibe 門口

          Happy Vibe 觀者欣賞作品

          “Happy Vibes” will be Loes van Delft’s most comprehensive exhibition ever held in Asia.The Dutch artist - Loes van Delft, who has an international supermodel-like appearance and creative talent, her creation combined naive and bizarre with a naughty cartoon sense. Apart from being widely loved by the public, she has also attracted the attention of many brands and celebrities like international superstar - Justin Bieber and his father Jeremy Bieber are her collectors. Moreover, the European FCCE media invited her to record a special interview.

          In 2012, Loes won the "Best Global Artist Award" at the Amsterdam Affordable Art Fair and created iconic characters: Pjipje and KAKKIE. Her creations include brand symbols, digital technology, social media and other elements. With an open vision, she is eager to collaborate across different areas, and even became one of the artists invited to create for Euro Disney's 90th anniversary! And in 2023, she will participate in "Miffy - International Touring Exhibition" becoming the most eye-catching focus artist!

          Happy Vibe 青銅雕像

          🔴 About the Artist

          Dutch artist - Loes van Delft has injected part of her own soul into her own created characters "Pjipje and KAKKIE", using more feminine soft lines, lively and dynamic, the eyes of the characters are reflects the artists gradually found her own position in creating and became firm and strong. The artist speaks through the work and incorporates a female perspective to establish a process of conversation between the viewer and the artwork.

          Art is not only the object of aesthetic appreciation, but also inspires people to question society and having new points of view to influence the world and bring evolution for equality. Loes is eager to experiment with various media and forms. In a soft way, she responds to the new perspectives and interpretations of contemporary female's trend art to illustrate her personal observation of social phenomena. The artist uses dissimilar materials boldly, and her creativity is constantly being stimulated to diversify, from small flat works to large-scale sculptures. In the autumn and winter of 2021, Loes cooperate with APPortfolio from Hong-Kong to launch global limited sculpture KAKKIE, which heat up her collective fever to be international market in Asia.

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