Igor Dobrowolski:SOLO SHOW in Asia - INNER STATES

MAR ., 26, 2022 - APR., 22, 2022


Igor Dobrowolski

SOLO SHOW in 2022

MAR., 26, 2022 - APR., 22, 2022

It is a great honor to once again invite polish artist Igor Dobrowolski's latest creation to Gin Huang Gallery. Different from the past is this SOLO SHOW also appeared at ART SOLO 2022 booth B09, enabling to feel more love and inner pure energy to collectors.

Gin Huang Gallery and Igor Dobrowolski jointly present "INNER STATES" in early spring 2022. We hope that the mud of spring will unfold a new appearance, just as each piece of work accompanies us through the traces of time, and is still imprinted in the INNER love and warmth.

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Gin Huang Gallery is honored to invite polish artist Igor Dobrowolski's latest work to Taiwan for the first time. This batch of latest creation is an artist years focused on the creation & social & humanitarian issues and so on, may one day these creation not only moved oneself also can have the opportunity to communicate with the viewer and bud in the present, let  viewer can feel the overflow to warm 2022 and brave to face of inner states. Act on practice love and sharing.

The pattern of the work itself, use of mix media for real emotion and the rich point of view of the story. All bring more profound memory traces. Our mottled can embrace those vulnerable and feel as the beauty of scars.


- Igor Dobrowolski Solo Show

Venue|Gin Huang Gallery - Taichung

2022. 3. 26 -----  4. 22

 New metal series creation in 2022

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Our thoughts influence the INNER STATES, and our interactions with others nourish our pure heart. Let Igor Dobrowolski's works project and point to our inner intellectual energy!

"It is very important for me to include an element of hope in all my work, because I believe that even great sadness happens and everything changes for the better." - Igor Dobrowalski




Igor Dobrowolski